Windows defender needs updating

20 Mar

At first this might seem like a silly point, but it’s not as stupid or empty as it sounds.There are a handful of benefits to Windows Defender being integrated directly into the operating system itself.Reassuringly, you can go through your quarantine history and restore falsely blocked programs if Windows Defender makes a mistake.It will also scan files and installers to prevent malware from entering your system and embedding itself before it’s too late.

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We’ll cover the “good enough” aspect of Windows Defender in the reasons down below, but first let’s take a moment to explore how Windows Defender is truly free.

A lot of people still view Windows Defender as the primitive and underdeveloped program that it was when it first debuted with Windows XP, but a lot has changed since then. Windows Defender is a real-time solution that quietly runs in the background as you use your computer.

It actively looks for malware currently running on your system, and if detected will block it, and quarantine it.

brought several much-needed improvements, Windows Defender is quite a contender.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using it.