Women dating men with money

28 Apr

Men, Money, And Dating Most men think that in order to be successful at dating they have to make, have, and be willing to spend a lot of money on their date. What is important to most women is that the guy is caring, funny, and that she gets along with him. When a guy shows off his cash women find it arrogant, and a total turn off.After all, we proved that going out in a mixed group will make you far more approachable.

Money on the other hand, might be a little more useful.

Acquiring wealth can enhance your status and move you up the ranks in social pecking order.

Providing your wealth is not discussed, you will naturally raise your value to the opposite sex.

Your reputation is “an effective way of creating an aura of desirability” Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction In nature, it is largely the males who display sexually attractive gaudy colours whilst it is the females who rock the ‘Plain Jane’ look.

If males fail to stand out, they can kiss goodbye their chances of reproduction.