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31 Dec

(I'm afraid support for existing customers with old feeds is thrown out of the window.) XML is very good, but there are a few wrinkles. It's how an application is designed to consume the feed that is a bit rough. I'm very positive that all this "xml clutter" is worthwhile. That failed: I was presented with: xsd rtm_/c Microsoft (R) Xml Schemas/Data Types support utility [Microsoft (R) . Do you like the way I copied and pasted the above code? This is a bug with the Xml Serializer class: I will diligently report this to Microsoft.Here are some notes on using XML feeds, some real life, hands on experience. I have a application under development that displays where Radio Amateurs are. ) All this tests my XML knowledge, using Rapid Application Development to automatically generate source within a C# . I already have a web service that provides live position information. Two separate feeds, from two separate organisations. Allow me to informally introduce them: The XML feed - that's the information such as "God awful smash up at 52" its is something like "Descriptive text, position". Superficially they're similar, with lots of "", but the layout is different. These assemblies can then be deployed with the application." Yes - for initial development, but I'm not so sure for when for when the application's deployed.Radio amateurs drive around with radios that fire off their position and call sign every few minutes. I now want to superimpose traffic information on that map. This layout is defined by the schema document that says what goes where. These documents, in turn are in XML and are defined by their own schemas. If Xml Serializer went off to the XSD on the feed web site, then ran XSD.exe, then compiled - may be.

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In the Visual Studio 2015, we can use the smart String Interpolation feature.

From: John Liu To: SSWALLSubject: Changing Look Out settings The stored procedure proc SSWLook Out Client IDSelect (currently used only by Look Out any version prior to 10) is being renamed to proc SSWLook Out Client IDSelect.

The old stored procedure will be removed within 1 month.

Not only does this feature reduce the amount of code we have to write, it also improves code readability. Totalcost);///'----------------------------------------------/// Copyright 2017 Superior Software for Windows /// All Rights Reserved.///'----------------------------------------------/// Comment: User class to handle user preference and login information/// Authors: DDK, PH/// Reviewers: AC, RD/// As with other Task List entries, you can double-click any comment entry to display the file indicated in the Code Editor and jump to the line of code marked. Here is an example: when I open this options form, I see "au" in the email text box, but it is actually only half of the text in that textbox, see the following captures: ​Xml Document report = new Xml Document(); Xml Text Reader tr = new Xml Text Reader(Configuration. Load(tr); To perform validation: Xml Document report = new Xml Document(); Xml Text Reader tr = new Xml Text Reader(Configuration.

For example, before C# 6, we would write:var s = String. Last Report Path); Xml Validating Reader reader = new Xml Validating Reader(tr); report.