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21 Nov

What if I am international and do not have US credit? We specialize in medium-term stays for a few reasons.

Or feel free to call (415) 849-4662 to speak with someone on our team.

For example, if today was January 1, the earliest your lease could end is January 31.

Where is Zeus located and how many employees do you have? How many homes are in the Zeus corporate housing network? If you'd like to book further out in the calendar, just give us a call at (415) 338-9702 or email [email protected] we'll do our best to accommodate your request. When you want the lease to end, you give us at least 30 days notice.

Statistics supplied include: Faculty, upon submission of tests, are required to uniquely identify their test by a combination of Course Sort (Schedule Number/Class Number) and Date.

Your booking is not confirmed until 1) you have signed the lease and 2) your required upfront payment has cleared.

The letter must be signed by a representative of your company with authority to assign the company as guarantor of the lease.

NOTE: Scantron forms will The Course Sort Number (Schedule Number) and the Date, uniquely identify this test and are required to run the ZEUS report.

Depending on the choices made by faculty on the instructor form, students may now retrieve, through SF State Gateway, one of three types of reports.